How To Lose Weight Like The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser which started back in 2004 always inspires people to lose weight as quick as possible. This is a reality television show in which contestants lose the maximum body fat percentage to become THE BIGGEST LOSER. So, are you ready and excited to lose weight like THE BIGGEST LOSER? Well, you don’t have to be a loser then :D

lose weight like the biggest loser


So pay special attention to these vital 11 things, as they will help you stay committed to your diet and get the body of your dreams sooner, rather than later.


Let me quickly tell you the REAL secret to success when it comes to achieving amazing results with your diet, CONSISTENCY! You can have the best diet in the world, but if you do not follow it day in and day out you will never get the results you want.

consistency quotes

I love using the example of two guys. One of these guys is on the most powerful diet in the world. The second is using some basic healthy eating tips he found online. The first guy only follows his POWERFUL diet about three days per week. The second guy follows his basic diet principles every single day. Who do you think will achieve the best results? You guessed it, that second guy.

And how do I know?

Because that second guy was THE BIGGEST LOSER (that’s me ;) )! Though, I am not the winner of THE BIGGEST LOSER TV Show but I am THE BIGGEST LOSER of my own life :D When I did my body transformation I did not have any type of guide. I just followed some basic healthy principles and it worked very well for me. I would have achieved even better results if I did have anyone who has written articles deeply to make you lean and so called THE BIGGEST LOSER.

So, if you want results fast, be consistent. You don’t have to do anything amazing, you just need to do the basics right, every single day. However, if you combine a powerful diet like I have told you earlier : “Foods To Stop Eating Now”, “Diet Plan For Ripped Abs” and you add consistency, you are setting yourself up for serious SUCCESS!


I can’t stress this enough. You have to make things easy or yourself if you want to succeed. By preparing food in bulk, you will have 1 to 2 days worth of food already prepared. You don’t need to worry about cooking a new meal every single time you want to eat. You don’t have to come up with a new recipe for each meal. You can just open the fridge, grab your food, and be ready in minutes.

I normally grill around 10 chicken breasts at once, and will also steam between 5-6 sweet potatoes. Now, I don’t normally just have a plain chicken breast with a sweet potato, but if I needed to just eat that then guess what, it is there for me. It’s quick, convenient, and ready to provide me with a perfectly balanced meal in record time. So, practice cooking in bulk as much as you can. Make sure though that the type of food you cook can last a few days and won’t begin to spoil. Doing just this one thing will remove a HUGE hurdle when it comes to eating right on a consistent basis.


You must reward yourself throughout the entire process to celebrate your SUCCESS. If you do not have rewards, you might start wondering why you are doing this! Sure, we all know why, in order to get an amazing body, but that goal can sometimes seem millions of miles away, especially in the beginning. But if you have set short term goals and you have reward systems in place for each goal achieved, then you can convince yourself to continue. You will find yourself motivated all times. Here are some tips on how to reward yourself :

a.) Develop a list of rewards you can give yourself for reaching small, stepping stone type goals along the way towards your main goal. Also provide slightly bigger rewards for reaching larger achievements. Most importantly, think really hard on a big reward for the end of your transformation.

b.) Make your rewards non-food related. Great ideas here include treatments at the local spa when you achieve stepping stones, new clothes for your larger achievements, and maybe an expensive cruise holiday when you have reached your ultimate best body. Your rewards must motivate you into action.

c.) Keep thinking of new rewards, so you always have great things to work towards.

beach holiday


This is going to be one of the tips that is going to save you on many days from cheating and messing up. For those who don’t know, I am a chocoholic in the worse way. If there is chocolate in my house, it will be eaten! However, if I don’t have any and I start to get a craving for some I can normally resist it. Just the thought of having to get into my car and drive to the nearest shop just for a block of chocolate normally gives me that five minutes I need to control my weakness.

Now you will get cravings, you will want to eat bad foods. Expect it to happen, but if you don’t have the cheating food near you or in your house, you will have a good chance of resisting the temptation to cheat. So make sure your house is completely rid of all bad foods that can tempt you to eat incorrectly.

One thing you should do is to also stock you house with stuff you can safely eat that will replace the bad alternatives. Sometimes you just want to nibble or keep your mouth busy, so get some carrot sticks or other snacks that won’t destroy your diet.


If, once in a while, you blow off a workout because you choose to go out with your friends, JUST ACCEPT it and enjoy your choice. Do not feel guilty. Otherwise, the sense of failure can make it harder to get yourself back on track. Focus on how much progress you have made so far and not how far you still have to go. I always tell my relatives/friends that if you stick to your diet and workout program on a constant basis. Then, breaking away every now and then will not have a big effect on your long term goals.. As long as you get back to it, the very next day. I was ill the whole previous week and I didn’t workout a single minute. Even I ate lots of chocolates. The next week when I stepped in to the gym, I checked my weight. And what I found was a miracle. I gained 0.2 pounds :D :D :D That was because I was regular from so many months with my workout and diet too.

Too many people do something, and then allow it to become a runaway train. They will say, “Well, I already had that slice of cake, so I might as well now order pizza for dinner as well since this day is already a write off.” Sound familiar? I know we have all been there. But believe me, one slice of cake or a bad meal here or there will not affect your overall results at all if that is where it stops. So, don’t fall into this trap! One slice of cake doesn’t have to be a train wreck! But a slice of cake, followed by some McDonalds, and then pizza after that, could just become one if you can’t stop yourself after just the cake. So, if you messed up, accept it, enjoy it AND THEN GET GOING AGAIN!

accept failure Michael Jordan


What is your version of the perfect body? Before you can achieve it, you must see it. Visualization provides us with a glimpse of our future and the end product. This very powerful tool teaches our brains and subconscious mind to look for opportunities which will make our dreams become a reality. Design your new body and life in the following way: Every morning before you rise from bed and every evening before you retire, use ten undisturbed dedicated minutes of your time to dream about your perfect body and ultimate life. See every aspect of your new body, chisel and carve your new physique, from those washboard abs to that small rounded bum. Feel yourself in the future full of vibrant energy and health.

After each session you will feel excited and motivated to stick with the program! Another great time to visualize is while warming up at the gym or during your stretching sessions. The more you see it in your mind’s eye, the more it becomes your new reality. I also like to find a photo (in a fitness magazine or online) of the body I want and stick it on my fridge. Every time I eat I know what I am working towards and if I go to the fridge to cheat, the photo stops me dead in my tracks!

dream quotes


This is probably the simplest and easiest principal that you can follow that will set you up for success. Now this might have happened to you before, because I know it has happened to me on many occasions, before I started to incorporate this principal into my life. You plan to eat right TOMORROW. You wake up late, your family is asking for a million and one things.

You have to get them and yourself ready. You wanted to make a good healthy breakfast but all there is time for is some cereal. You rush out of the house without some food for yourself for the rest of the day, so when lunchtime arrives you are starving and all that’s around is a sandwich vending machine. Just your luck, the only sandwiches left are chicken and mayo on white bread, so you take it.

Later, that same afternoon you find yourself hungry again, and you are tired, so you just drink a cup of coffee hoping it will keep you awake until you get home. You get home and everyone wants food again. You are so tired you can’t stand on your own two feet, so you suggest ordering a pizza. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Now, if you had made your food the previous evening and had a packed lunch all ready to go with some fruit and snacks, your day may have turned out much differently.

This is obviously just one scenario, but what I want to get through to you is that if you are PREPARED you will have half the battle won. Things will go wrong, it is just part of life, but it doesn’t have to derail you, if you have your diet planned and prepared beforehand. This goes for everything from having food prepared and ready to eat, to not having unhealthy snacks available in the house.

As they say, preparing to become successful is the hardest part, but once you are ready, reaching your goals is going to be a lot easier.

Remember, it’s going to be tough the first few weeks of starting any new diet. Some things will be new to you, but you will have to force yourself to do them even when you don’t feel like it. You’ve got to push past the barriers and keep thinking of the change you are about to make and the great new body and life you will soon have!


I know a lot of people tell me, I can’t tell my girlfriend or boyfriend or friends that I am going on a diet, they will just laugh at me! To be honest, I have never come across that myself and the only reason anyone will laugh at you or make fun of you is if you are not committed and you fail every time. Then they might say something like,  ”You starting again?” or, “I bet it doesn’t last five days.” But if you are serious and your actions show them you are, then telling people you are on a diet is one of the best things you can do. Many people will encourage you, support you, and even confront you if you are not eating right.

When I go to my relatives place or at any random party! People know that I will not even hold a glass of soft-drink, soda shakes or just taste any fried food. Though, I eat protein rich foods there. If there’s nothing 100% healthy, then I will go with those food which have highest protein present in it. If you have missed the essential food list then you can have a look at macronutrients for weight loss.

I prefer to eat less if I am going at night. For day parties, I usually celebrate it a cheat meal or something like that if its all unhealthy there. So, if you tell them they will not force you to eat those slices of pizza. You must think that you may have more body-fat percentage than your friend and you should not eat fried foods. Also, if you tell your relatives or friends, they will also cook healthy food just for your regime. So, everyone will get to know why you’re so healthy :D

I remember when I was doing my body transformation. I was living with my brother and his family and they ate badly almost every single day. They ordered carry out at night and ate big, unhealthy breakfasts all the time. Yet through it all I told them what I am doing, and after a few months they realized I was serious and also started to take me seriously. Even though they continued eating badly themselves, they never asked me if I wanted any of it or invited me to join them, because they knew it would tempt me.

After a few months they JOINED me and we all started to lose weight together. So, by telling people you will not only make it easier for you to be around them, but you might even help them to realize they should also start a new, healthy eating program.


In the same way that you don’t always realize when you start gaining weight, you might also find it hard to see the results on a daily basis when you look in the mirror every single day. You can opt for supplements for getting ripped for improving your performance rate in less time. However, the changes are happening! One of the best ways to see your results in action is by taking a before photo. Then take a new photo every 15 days, and then ultimately, that amazing after photo. Try and take it at the same time of day and at the same place every time.

Seeing how your body is getting into shape is one of the best motivators in the world! And these photos will show you how you are improving every few weeks, even if you don’t think you are. So, make sure you take those before, during, and after photos! Also make sure you send them over to me once you complete your body transformation, so we can show you off to the world!

dhruv bhagat weight loss story


The most successful and effective people in the world are the ones with the best routine. I remember reading one of KRIS GETHIN’s book – Body By Design a few days back and the most amazing thing for me in the whole book was not how wealthy he is or how he started out, it was how much he fits into one day! It was just amazing. Sure he has an assistant, probably a few, but he squeezes so much into one day because he has a very strict routine.

See, if you have a good routine that you follow each day there are less likely to be any surprises. Not only that, but your eating habits, your metabolism, and everything else will be in harmony and working together to create a very effective fat burning environment. So get into a daily routine from the moment you wake up and you will find the whole diet process a lot easier and WAY more effective! You can follow one of the best HIIT workout for abs ;)

workout routine

11. JUST DO IT :

Last but not least, is that sometimes you just need to DO IT! There will be days where everything goes wrong. You just want some unhealthy, greasy food, or sweets. You might even wonder why you are trying this again. On those days, stop thinking, and JUST DO IT. Push through. Stay focused and continue to reach your goal, no matter how hard it may be at that specific moment. Take your thoughts away to the beach vacation coming up and how good you are going to look. Or how your partner promised to take you away on that cruise if you reach your goal.

Keep your eye on the prize and your thoughts away from any negativity! It will be worth it in the end and I have to be totally honest with you. Most of these thoughts will only occur during the first few weeks or months. Once you pass that stage you have created new habits and this so called DIET will now be your new lifestyle, and you will love it!

just do it motivation

P.S. I usually take Green Tea Extract Capsules when I have cravings. You can try it too. It doesn’t cost so expensive. You can get Bodybuilding Green Tea Extract 100 Capsules For Just $7.97. This is dietary supplement and will surely help you too ;)

the biggest loser weight loss

Hope, this article inspires you a little bit. :D If YES, then what are you waiting for? Get ready to become THE BIGGEST LOSER ;)

Get ready to lose weight like THE BIGGEST LOSER.

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I am a workout freak and only eats healthy food. I have lost more than 50 pounds of fat in just 5 months and wants you to achieve your fitness goals too.
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